Mirror, signal, manoeuvre and hopefully pass – James Kavanagh takes the wheel as Opel Ireland’s latest ADAM brand ambassador. The social media guru will learn how to drive before designing his very own ADAM.

Glittering Snapchat foodie obsessive, James Kavanagh, will soon be adding driving to his burgeoning list of skills, as he embarks on the exciting journey from Learner to Novice. As Opel Ireland’s newest recruit, James will design and drive his very own customised Opel ADAM, but not before he has successfully completed the dreaded driving test!

Packed with personality, widely connected and uniquely creative #JAMESandADAM are the perfect pair, with the social media mogul set to spend the summer being schooled by Opel Ireland, before taking to the streets in his original ADAM design.

Famed for his hilarious snaps and general musings Kavanagh’s legions of fans will watch on as he frantically finds the bite, ‘rides’… the clutch and takes his instructor to Church in a three-part video series which will feature exclusively on Opel Ireland’s Facebook page this summer.

Speaking at the reveal James Kavanagh said; “I cannot believe I’ve made it to 26 without learning to drive. It’s something I hate that I’ve put off until now. I could tell you tale upon tale of personal traumatic public transport experiences. So, when Open approached me with the opportunity to learn to drive with them, I LEAPED at the chance. The car I’ll be driving (once I pass, obvz) is the Opel ADAM. I think if I were a car I’d be it. It’s sleek, compact and looks a bit bold…I also adore the fact that you can personalise it so many ways.”

“With the Opel ADAM you get in and stand out. It’s not about following trends, it’s about setting them, which is why we’re so thrilled to have secured this partnership with James,” added Gillian Whittall, Head of Marketing & PR at Opel Ireland. “He embodies everything that’s so individually unique about the ADAM, blending attitude with a great sense of adventure.

“Driving is a valuable life skill for anyone and as a social influencer James has the opportunity to educate his followers on the importance of practicing safe road use, as well as showcasing our stylishly connected pocket rocket ADAM.”

The ADAM, Opel’s award winning chic city car, offers more than 61,000 exterior variations and nearly 82,000 for the interior – combining bold powerful design with the potential for almost limitless personalisation. Smart phone or tablet, Android or iOS – ADAM’s award-winning all-in-one multimedia system seamlessly connects with them all. At the touch of a button Opel OnStar becomes your personal connectivity and service assistant, along with wireless charging and advanced park assist just some of the features that make ADAM a real trendsetter. Get in and stand out with the chance to make your personality your style.

For more information on the Opel ADAM visit www.opel.ie/ADAM