Business woman Rani Dabrai took inspiration from the comment about ‘becoming invisible after turning 40’ to create a new luxury skincare range Nyrah Beauty in collaboration with Lynoslife, the Irish company who formulate, design and make many of the leading brands for the tanning, personal and skin care brands available in the market. Nyrah, when translated is the Arabic for ‘light’ and the range is inspired by ‘The light of beauty through the journey of life’.


The skincare range is rooted in nature, and made using traditional and naturally sourced ingredients that have been coupled with cutting edge skin technology. Pure and proven to be effective, the Nyrah team has worked tirelessly to create and perfect formulations and products that are designed to effectively nourish ageing skin, making women feel and look beautiful. They know that honouring time is much more important than trying to reverse it.


Presented in beautiful teal casing and featuring the Peacock reflecting integrity, self-esteem, refinement, sexuality, pride and beauty, the Nyrah Beauty range includes:



Ageing and menopause brings on significant changes in women’s skin and with the reduction of collagen comes a loss in elasticity, thinning of the skin and wrinkles. Nyrah Beauty is a range created to honour time, women and the lives they lead.


Co-founder Rani Dabrai says; “We wanted to develop a brand to really celebrate the wisdom and value of women by harnessing the power of nature and supercharging it with science. Lynoslife is a company that truly lives and breathes its mission of adding value to how people look, feel and live. The core values of Lynoslife so closely align with our goal at Nyrah that the collaboration was an obvious evolution for this life sciences company.”


The Nyrah Beauty range is available online at from late September.


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Product Range Overview

Nyrah Beauty ‘Drench’ Triple Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Serum €63.00/30ml

Hydration is non-negotiable and Nyrah’s hyaluronic acid serum contains three different molecular weight hyaluronic acids to ensure maximum hydration of the skin. This leaves the skin moisturised, repaired, protected and naturally glowing.

Nyrah Beauty ‘Glisten’ Superfood Sea Serum €78.00 /30ml

Start your day the right way with Nyrah’s Superfood Sea Serum, packed with nutrient dense, avocado, seaweed, spirulina, peony and Aloe Vera. The superfood nutrients come together to densify and hydrate, while peony and Aloe Vera supercharge the natural antioxidant properties of the skin. The result is dewy skin that glistens like the ocean and is ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.

Nyrah Beauty ‘Transform’ bioRetinol Booster €93.00 /30ml

Finally a retinol for all skin types with Nyrah’s combination of Bakuchiol (vegan retinol) and RevinageTM (plant based alternative to retinoids) and plant oils. Linseed oil, rosemary oil and sweet almond oil combine to even skin tone, prevent and repair fine lines and wrinkles, soothe and nourish the skin. This plant-based formulation visibly reduced wrinkles and fine lines and evens out skin tone. At night apply a few drops to the face and décolletage. Like all good habits, start slowly and build up to use nightly.

Nyrah Beauty ‘Undress’ Transforming Vitamin E Gel Cleanser €54.00/50ml

A delicate gel cleanser that soothes and purifies skin removing impurities, dirt, make up and life’s daily stress. Nyrah’s gel cleanser is an unique blend of plant based anti-oxidants. Milk thistle and Red Bush Tea are great for skin replenishment and conditioning. Orange peel oil containing AHAs add exfoliating benefits, and Sunflower seed oil and avocado oil are rich in omega fatty acids. Vitamin A,C,D and E nourish and hydrate the skin. This brightening gel formula can be used as a daily cleanser, a deep cleansing mask or as a hydrating make up remover for the face and neck.

Nyrah Beauty ‘Elixir’ Hyaluronic Cooling Mist €34.00 /50ml

Nyrah Beauty’s uniquely formulated Hyaluronic Cooling Mist is your perfect moment of clarity throughout the day. This cooling and brightening mist is designed to hydrate thirsty skin instantly. Cucumber and chamomile have been added for their natural, calming and refreshing properties to sooth, condition and cool. This mist provides support to dry, flushed, tired and stressed skin. Close your eyes and mouth and spritz your face to instantly hydrate, prime and refresh your skin throughout the day. #findyourtribe #NyrahBeauty