essence trend edition “we are…

To infinity! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the new essence trend edition “we are…” is here to celebrate all unique friendships from January to February 2017. Various red shades combined with cool grey ensure a perfect BFF look. Absolute highlights include the gorgeous heart-shaped matt lipsticks and the cute cosmetics bag disguised as lips. Together forever – with essence!


essence we are… amazing – creamy eyeshadow pen

Absolutely amazing! The pen with a creamy texture creates beautiful eyeshadow styles in grey and light pink. Can also be used as highlighter. Available in 01 be my highlight! and 02 be my glam-light!.


02 be my glam-light!

essence we are… perfect – dip eyeliner ultra black & waterproof

Just perfect. No matter whether you’re going for an expressive or subtle look, ultra black, accurate and waterproof eyeliner styles are easy to achieve with this dip eyeliner. Available in 01 stay with me!.

01 stay with me!

essence we are… crazy – false lashes & 3D rhinestones set

Crazy girls! Fake lashes ensure a breathtaking look and the tiny 3D rhinestones set individual accents around the eyes. Available in 01 I’m crazy like you. €4.10



01 I'm crazy like you


essence we are… flawless – contouring lipliner

Forever flawless. Contour the lips and colour them in with these awesome lipliners. Available in pink, red and plum-berry, they’re a perfect match for the velvet matt lipsticks – the ultimate dream team. Available in 01 P.S. we ♥ pink, 02 P.S. we ♥ red and 03 P.S. we ♥ berry.

02 P.S. we love red


essence we are… fabulous – velvet matt lipstick

Fabulous – that’s what the silky-matt lipsticks in pink, red and plum-berry are! A special highlight: the heart-shaped lipstick bullet. Available in 01 P.S. we ♥ pink, 02 P.S. we ♥ red and 03 P.S. we ♥ berry.




02 P.S. we love red


essence we are… awesome – multicolour blush

Awesome! The multicolour blush in pink-coral with a heart embossment gives the complexion a fresh touch of colour. Available in 01 you & me = awesome. €4.10

01 you & me = awesome

essence we are… in love – nail polish

Totally in love – with the long-lasting “high shine” nail polishes and their high coverage. Grey, pink and plum-berry ensure beautiful Valentine’s Day nails. Available in 01 I have grey-t times with you, 02 pink party only with you and 03 I ♥ you berry much. €2.50

02 pink party only with you


essence we are… funny – lip bag

Funny! You can’t help but fall in love with the bright pink cosmetics bag in a stylish lip design! There’s no better way to store important beauty pieces. Available in 01 I`m not ME without YOU!. €3.80


01 I`m not ME without YOU!




essence we are… lovely – eau de toilette

01 you`re the ooohh to my lala