Flashy brows! Brows are leading the Beauty Top List this season and should be accentuated and eye-catching. With the right shape, they highlight the eyes and give any make-up style an individual touch. The new essence trend edition “little eyebrow monsters” provides girls with everything they need for perfectly defined wow-brows from April until May 2016. The collection includes care products and cute tweezers for preparation, an eyebrow & highlighter set and practical helpers like stencils in three different shapes for fabulous “look at me” brows. Brow Wow… with essence!


essence little eyebrow monsters – eyebrow treatment

Treat well! This eyebrow treatment provides ideal overnight care. Enriched with valuable oils, it ensures smooth hair and makes brows look gorgeous while you sleep. Available in 01 no trick just treat.


essence little eyebrow monsters – tweezer

Shaping. The tweezers with a funny brow-monster design has a flat, slanted tip for particularly accurate plucking. This way, the brows can be shaped in a flash. On top, the tweezers come in a practical pouch. Available in 01 don’t touch the monsters! €2.50


essence little eyebrow monsters – eyebrow & highlighter set

Gimme brows! Two eyebrow powders in brown shades including a highlighter are sure to put the focus on the brows. Thanks to the baked texture and the integrated brush, the fine brow hair captures the colour wonderfully. In a subtle, lighter version for blonde and light brown hair and an expressive, darker version for brunettes and black-haired beauties. Available in 01 little miss natural and 02 little miss bold.


essence little eyebrow monsters – eyebrow pen

Perfect frame. The powder in a pen-shape comes with a soft sponge applicator that perfectly deposits the colour on the brows. Three different shades of brown for light, medium and darker hair offer just the right colour for every girl. Available in 01 little miss natural, 02 little miss bold and 03 little miss dark. €3.80


essence little eyebrow monsters – eyebrow mascara

Beau-brows! The tinted gel of the eyebrow mascara is available in a lighter or a darker shade. The gel contains tiny fibers to fill in any gaps and creates beautifully defined, full brows. Available in 01 ernie knows best and 02 bert knows better. €3.50


essence little eyebrow monsters – eyebrow lifter

Lift it up. Set gorgeous highlights below the brows with the silky-shimmering texture of the eyebrow lifters. Radiant white and soft rosé visibly lift the brows. Available in 01 lift’em up in white and 02 lift’em up in rosy. €3.10


essence little eyebrow monsters – eyebrow fixing gel

In top shape! The gel fixes the brows in their natural shape and keeps them in place all day long. Thanks to the transparent texture, this gel is suitable for all hair types. Available in 01 hold’em in place. €2.90


essence little eyebrow monsters – eyebrow stencils

Expressive! Three different stencils offer help with your brow make-up – they make it super easy to accentuate the brows and give them a new, cool shape that makes a statement. Available in 01 say yes to statement brows. €2.30


essence little eyebrow monsters – eyebrow styler

Multitalent. The duo-stylist is ideal for combing the brows and applying eyebrow powder. Available in 01 monsters in style. €3.10


essence “little eyebrow monsters” will be available in stores from April until May 2016*.


*as long as stocks last