Søstrene Grene to open biggest store outside of home country in Dublin City Centre on Friday 3rd August

Little bright moments of joy in the everyday life – and lots of unique Scandinavian design for the home. This is what retail brand Søstrene Grene wishes to bring its customers all across Europe. Now, the company is set to open a store in the centre of Dublin. The new store due to open on South Great Georges Street on Friday 3rd August will not only be the first one in the centre of Dublin, it will also be the biggest Søstrene Grene store outside of the brand’s home country Denmark!

Søstrene Grene – translated “the Grene Sisters” – specialises in home interiors, small furniture, kitchen supplies, craft and DIY articles, party decorations, and much more. The selection of products in stores is ever changing with new products coming in weekly, making every visit a chance to find something new. The stores themselves are also unlike most others. With dark walls, labyrinth-like aisles, classical music and pleasant, subdued lighting, the stores are meant to serve as a possibility to take a peaceful break.

Across all aspects of the brand, the characters Anna and Clara serve as the hosts. Two sisters, who diligently work to create slight, bright differences to everyday life.

Søstrene Grene has been expanding heavily across Europe and Japan the past few years and now has 200 stores across 16 countries. It currently has five other stores in Ireland – Dún Laoghaire, Blanchardstown, Athlone, Cork and Limerick.

CEO Mikkel Grene is looking forward to opening the doors on South Great George’s Street, which will also be the biggest Søstrene Grene store outside of the brand’s home country Denmark.

“The past few years have been quite a journey for us at Søstrene Grene. We have been able to open a lot of new stores in exciting places, and we see each new store as another opportunity to create wonderful shopping experiences. I think South Great Georges Street will be a great location for us, and with a store of about 370 square metres, we really have the chance to create a store that stands out. It will be the biggest Søstrene Grene store outside of Denmark, so that is quite special,” Mikkel Grene says.


Søstrene Grene

69/70 South Great Georges Street

Dublin 2

Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday: 10.00am – 7.00pm

Opening day: 9.00am – 7.00pm

 About Søstrene Grene:

Søstrene Grene is a Danish retail chain, which aspires to enrich everyday life with aesthetic designs, creativity, joy and ‘hygge’ – a special state of contentment, warmth and belonging to the present.

The stores offer a wide assortment of products for home and interior, kitchen, craft and DIY, party items and gift wrapping, school and office, children and play, and items for the seasons. With an ever-changing assortment and prices that are never higher than they need be, the family-owned retailer wishes to create a wonderful world where finds can be made and creativity is encouraged.

The brand revolves around the story of the characters Anna and Clara Grene; two elderly sisters who diligently work to create slight, bright differences to everyday life. The inspiration for the sisters was found in the Grene family, meaning the family that founded Søstrene Grene in 1973 and still own and run the organisation to this day.

Søstrene Grene has 200 stores in 16 countries, and more continue to open.

Read more about Søstrene Grene on https://sostrenegrene.com/ga/ and/or in the press kit sostrenegrene.com/ga/press-room/

See Søstrene Grene’s identity film here: https://youtu.be/qBUGW-aQBOM

Experience the atmosphere of a new Søstrene Grene store opening in the video here:



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